Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Google Hangout

Who would have ever thought I would be hosting a "hangout"?

Tonight I hosted my first Google Hangout! I loved it! It was exciting!

My Inquiry this year is to work collaboratively with parents, teachers and children in strengthening the home, school community partnership by including parents in learning conversations regarding their children in Yrs 4 & 5 and see what implications this makes on their child's learning.  

Part of my evidence of progress and outcomes was to think of ways to accommodate and support parents using other means of communication (Virtual Google Hangout) as many of our parents find it difficult to get into school during school hours.

After an initial meeting with Asinate I sent home some resources that she could use to support her child's learning.
I wanted to go through the resources but as Asinate found it difficult to make it into school for another meeting I offered a Google Hangout which she had no idea about but was willing to give it a go.

In preparation for this meeting which we were both excited about, we needed to get ourselves onto Google plus and ensure we added each other into our circles.

I had three practice sessions with Sonya to ensure I was prepared.

7pm came and went - a few teething problems but nothing that Sonya couldn't iron out. Thank goodness for Sonya.
Informative information shared and great learning and questions from both parties.
Great feedback and next steps from Sonya, which I have taken on for my next follow up using Google Hangout.

Summing up:  This is what Asinate said : "She thought using a Google Hangout was easier than Skyping and taking part ,“ Was all worth missing Shortland Street for.

For me: “Am I sold on using Google Hangout?  Absolutely!!!”.

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