Thursday, May 14, 2015

Expert Taste Testers

"Taste testing .... ice-cream flavours" was all that was needed to gain my attention!

When we were contacted by Epsom Girls Grammar School's HOD in Food Technology wondering if we had some children who would take part in some taste testing of different ice-cream flavours (there goes those words again!) we or should I say... I jumped at the offer.
We love getting involved with our local community so what a great opportunity.

A team of seven, year 11 students wanted to conduct a small questionnaire and some taste testing of different ice-cream flavours with approximately 20 of our Newmarket School children from a range of ages.

The purpose of their market research was to find out what attracted children to choose one flavour or colour over another. The ice-cream they were tasting were from all existing Tip-Top brands as the girls were working with the designer at Tip-Top to develop a new flavour using the results from their findings.

The children were soooo excited!!! They were bursting to get through the door.
Once the girls from EGGS explained what they were planning to do and the children had completed the short questionnaire it was time to taste!!!

The ooohing and arrhhhing that I heard was music to my ears. I must admit a little oohing came from me too!
Goody Goody Gum Drops, Jelly Tip, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry and Lemonade Fizz and Neopolitan which was the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate were the selection that the children got to sample. 
From this selection I was surprised by the outcome. Most chose Raspberry and lemonade fizz or Cookies and Cream as their favourite.

We are looking forward to the Epsom Girls returning and sharing their findings with us, the new flavour they have created from the results but most importantly to taste the new flavour they have developed.

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