Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Evening of Dumplings

Cocktails, school community, colleagues, electric fry pans, chopsticks, dumplings and a fabulous venue all great ingredients for an AMAZING evening of fun.


Over the past few years our proactive Parent Support Group (PSG) have organised cooking classes.
At one of our earlier meetings Davina asked if I would run a Dumpling class as a member of the PSG.  As much as I love eating dumplings and making them I am definitely not an expert.

A couple of years ago we had a group of chinese grandmothers that made dumplings to sell at our Art and Cultural Festival. They were a hit so it was a no brainer that I ask one of the grandmothers that helped at this event.
When I approached Amy’s (a student at Newmarket School) mother and grandmother Maggie and Mrs Li they were more than happy to help out for this community event.

During the coming weeks Maggie and I met to discuss the event, how it would pan out, the types of dumplings we would make, what we would need and where the evening would take place.
Little did everyone know that Mrs Li (Amy’s grandmother) had made a selection of dumplings for me to sample - they were divine!

Fortunately, Davina - PSG Co-ordinator, parent at Newmarket and owner of Vida Flores kindly offered her shop as the venue for the dumpling evening. Tickets were selling fast.

For many of us Wednesday didn’t come fast enough.  The evening was to start at 7.30pm so I wanted to be at the venue at 7pm to help Davina set up and to help Maggie and Mrs Li.
When I did arrive Davina had everything set up and Maggie and Mrs Li were ready and raring to go.

The evening went without a hitch, except for the dumplings I burnt…. well actually I think Wendy termed this as “well cooked” - just the way she liked them.
An evening that was community oriented, I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Who wouldn’t when you get to try a Canton Ginger Kick Cocktail, a chance to make, cook and eat dumplings and of course amongst great company at a fantastic venue.


Many thanks to Paloma for many of the photos.

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